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Friday, October 22, 2010

Female monster

Unknown creature.
She rips apart every living thing she sees immediately and she can run at 80 mph.
Only weakness she has is a little spot in her left armpit. You need to hit that with a crowbar and than pull out her heart and stab it with a silver dagger to kill her. That's the only way.
Good luck!


  1. Oh man I'd hate to find that in a dark alley...or closet...or anywhere.


  2. Don't worry Katie! As long as you always carry a crowbar and a silver dagger around nothing can happen to you!

  3. This seems like a bit of a departure for you Tom. Way to be a risk taker. It looks like you thought a lot about the underlying musculature of this creature. The zygomatic arch in its cheek and that front shoulder/elbow are particularly defined. I think some reference material of various animals, pit bulls in particular spring to mind, would be really helpful for next time. Also I like the feet.