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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Week 3 Challenge: Cute Overload

THA PPLS HAS SPOKEEN! U CAN HAS! This week's theme is...

Cute Overload!

Drawings are due Saturday, October 9th, so go find something adorable and snuggle the crap out of it (for reference, of course).

Voting for next week's challenge is also open!

If you have any announcements you'd like to share with recruits, please email me ahead of time!
  • Hope your first week of classes went well! Don't forget to peek at the 2D Training videos for more drawin' fun and learnin'!
  • Need more doodlin' in your week? Check the Sketchbook forum for additional drawing challenges!



Busy week, but here is his sketch!


Zombie Obama

Zombie Obama - Leader of the Zombie Revolution. All followers can endure an immortality of roaming city streets bumping into each other and searching for flesh.

Thought about making a character from scratch..but this just sounded like fun. I'm still iffy on how it turned out but it was interesting using just color on one aspect.

Slightly Larger Version: Zombie Obama

Villain-Too Much Makeup Lady

Full of old lady sass (and not the good kind), the dastardly TMML (Too Much Makeup Lady) is not to be trifled with.  One of her favourite pastimes is lurking around department stores and spraying unsuspecting shoppers with very strong perfume samples causing them to instantly get a headache.  Her weapon of choice though, is the makeup gun (or the ‘Fixer-Upper’ as she calls it).  She shoots people in the face with it and they instantly look like they have just stepped out of an 80’s music video.  There is always a ready supply of garish lipstick colors on her ammo belt so that she is ready in any situation.  She finds Mimi from the Drew Carey Show to be an inspiration.
P.S. I really need to think of a better villain name, so if anyone has suggestions let me know!


Morai ink w globe

Morai color1

So this is Rear Admiral Morai. She is the (a) villain in my space opera web comic. She's not quite evil, but she is a shade insane and megalomaniacal. But really she's more of an enemy. She was initially inspired by the Romulan commander in the Star Trek original series episode (9) Balance of Terror. Yep. I am a nerd. Then I threw in about an equal part of Villaneuve from Choice of Broadsides, which you should totally click on and play if you are into text based RPGs.

Her costume is mostly inspired by Napoleonic Naval uniforms, with a touch of SS thrown in on the hat. The silly epaulets with dealy bopper antenna are to make it not look totally incongruous with her sci-fi setting. And her (green for some reason) ray gun. Don't ask me about the puffy harem pants.

The first pose was an experiment with ink that got slightly out of hand and turned into an experiment with lighting. The pose itself was egregiously stolen from a shot of Udda from Tank Vixens (which you should only google if you don't have issues with Furry Porn, but otherwise is totally brilliant and awesome). She's clutching a globe.

The second drawing was an experiment with my new markers. The foreshortening is more extreme than anything I've ever tried before.

Friday, October 1, 2010


My villain is secretly raising an vampire army and he will use it to take over the world!

And this one will with his populist powers! His name is Geert Wilders, you might know him.

They both have an evil laugh.

The man with the big hat and the speeding bullets

A tribute to Sergio Leone and Ennio Morricone. I hope you like it, guys!

Anim Nightmare

So this is my version of a Villain that is an animator's nightmare. The computer turns on its master and imprisons them from doing their work! Like always the animator always overcome the hardships and rise above Victorias in the end :) Happy Animating everyone!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Colonel

Umm ... I'm not sure I really have an explanation for this one. Enjoy!


Hey everyone! I wanted to create a more bestial kind of a villain, someone ... something who really enjoys to kill. well, thats the result.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Baron von Blizzard

Baron von Blizzard is a ruthless villain obsessed with covering the world in ice. He can control wind and make icy blasts of air come out of his hands, freezing whatever gets in his way. Weakness: Fire and Heat