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Friday, October 15, 2010

Robot - Bear - Velociraptor Trap

This is pretty much my nightmare. The best I figure, the way to escape is use the Robot & Bear's natural mistrust of each other to my advantage. Perhaps I tell the bear the robot was showing around naked pictures of his wife. With the bear & robot occupied in a battle to the death the only thing left is the Velociraptor. The nice thing about that is I don't have to outrun the raptor, I only have to outrun you. (Always hike with a buddy!)


  1. You mean a slow chunk from the goonies! The story cracks me up...the nightmare weirds me out...I'm assuming you had the same feeling. Does the Velociraptor have a party hat on?

  2. I do believe that's a fez hat, as was the style at the time in the late Cretaceous. (Prove me wrong!)

  3. Dude he's got a fez. You're screwed!