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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

This happy little feller is a tree frog named Carl
Carl is the youngest of 48 brothers that hatched from the same unit of eggs. Together they found a lovely tree to climb in and they take turns in quacking so there's always a very loud and annoying noise comming from this tree.


  1. i love frogs. in fact, my name is actually the scientific term for a genus of frog (rana)
    i think frogs are underrated and underused in the coolness department.

    now if i only had the balls to actually touch a frog!

    oh and frogs don't have five fingers. cool design though :) he looks like a happyfrog
    a joyfrog. :)

  2. Thanks Rana!
    He's a happy little guy indeed! always quacking and climbing and jumping around. And you're absolutely right about the fingers, didn't study the pictures closely enough ;)

  3. good stuff tom! Love his eyes and expression it sells it.

  4. Heeeeey Tom, lookin' good, how are things in applicant land?!

  5. It's maya springboard land now, but not a lot to do yet.
    Classes start next week so still waiting...
    How's class 1?

  6. Oh right on. So far so good, just starting to ramp up here.