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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Retro AM

Ha! I thought we were to apply the theme to Spike! Oh well! It was fun to sketch this up anyway!
I took a lot of inspiration from the early Mickey Mouse cartoons and retro Disney memorabilia, as well as some of that 70's retro style for the font. I figured I'd make it like an old postcard or collector's image for AM if it were around back then. Kinda like finding an old Disneyland postcard now and getting that nostalgia feeling that comes with that cool retro style.


  1. Hey Robert! Welcome to the sketch squad! Awesome job on the retro Spike! As well as looking like he came out of an old Disney short, he also kind of reminds me of the Minnie the Moocher Betty Boop short from the Fleischer Bros.

    The rotoscoped walrus ghost used to terrify me when I was little...

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  3. Oops, i didn't mean to delete that comment. I'm still getting used to the blogger stuff. But!
    Thanks Erica!
    And dude that walrus is pretty scary! Especially with the teeth tusks.. But he sure can dance well!

  4. That's awesome. You should make a wallpaper version