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Saturday, October 2, 2010


Morai ink w globe

Morai color1

So this is Rear Admiral Morai. She is the (a) villain in my space opera web comic. She's not quite evil, but she is a shade insane and megalomaniacal. But really she's more of an enemy. She was initially inspired by the Romulan commander in the Star Trek original series episode (9) Balance of Terror. Yep. I am a nerd. Then I threw in about an equal part of Villaneuve from Choice of Broadsides, which you should totally click on and play if you are into text based RPGs.

Her costume is mostly inspired by Napoleonic Naval uniforms, with a touch of SS thrown in on the hat. The silly epaulets with dealy bopper antenna are to make it not look totally incongruous with her sci-fi setting. And her (green for some reason) ray gun. Don't ask me about the puffy harem pants.

The first pose was an experiment with ink that got slightly out of hand and turned into an experiment with lighting. The pose itself was egregiously stolen from a shot of Udda from Tank Vixens (which you should only google if you don't have issues with Furry Porn, but otherwise is totally brilliant and awesome). She's clutching a globe.

The second drawing was an experiment with my new markers. The foreshortening is more extreme than anything I've ever tried before.


  1. Hey Anna!
    Nice job! Your accedental experiment with lighting turned out to look great on her uniform!

  2. Good job! Nice posing and expression.

  3. Yeah, and the foreshortening is great! I love it! Nice job!

  4. Foreshortening is the bane of my existence. Kudos for nailing it--she's a cool character!

  5. Nice work Anna! The first pose kind of makes me think of the 'Alas poor Yorik' scene from Hamlet. If they did like a rock opera version of Hamlet, hahaha. The foot placement is really well done, and makes your character feel grounded. Foot placement is always something that I have trouble with...