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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Zombie Obama

Zombie Obama - Leader of the Zombie Revolution. All followers can endure an immortality of roaming city streets bumping into each other and searching for flesh.

Thought about making a character from scratch..but this just sounded like fun. I'm still iffy on how it turned out but it was interesting using just color on one aspect.

Slightly Larger Version: Zombie Obama


  1. The shading on this is very nice! And you captured a very good likeness! To make him look a bit more 'zombified' you could take some chunks out of his hand/face or make his eyes look a little more glazed over. I think that using the one color worked really well! Does he only eat the brains of Republicans?

  2. Thanks Erica! Good suggestions too. Zombie Obama and all his mindless followers will take any brains they can get there hands on... :)