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Friday, October 1, 2010


My villain is secretly raising an vampire army and he will use it to take over the world!

And this one will with his populist powers! His name is Geert Wilders, you might know him.

They both have an evil laugh.


  1. Hey Tom, nicely done, they sure have a crazy look on their faces, especially the 1st guy, he creeps me out XD

  2. Hey Tom! Glad you posted. I like the pose/expression on the Vampire Army Guy (he kind of reminds me of Johnny Depp in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory). The hands are very nice. His legs are a little short though. The top half of him is so long and lanky.

  3. Thanks for the kind words and feedback! I'm struggling a bit with proportion. Nothing other to do about that than practice! Looking forward to the next challange!

  4. Monocles should be mandatory for villains!

  5. Good job getting your drawing to act. An artist will usually use the head for a unit of measurement to help with keeping things proportioned. Look at the second last simplify drawing on this following website.

    You don't have to follow it to a "t" but it's a good guide line. Of course it can also be thrown out the window when cartooning.

  6. Nice job, Tom! Yeah, I have to practise with proportion and perspective mainly, too! Good luck for the next challenge! :D I can almost hear his evil laugh when I look at the first drawing! haha