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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Worst Hero Ever - Laziman

I haven't taken drawing lessons since high-school so all the input is more than welcome!

Laziman is based on a daily conversation that takes place in my house, and, basically, in every other house around the planet:
My mother: "Danny! Make your bed right now!"
My brother: "Later"

Character Name - Laziman

Super Powers - We don't know yet. Whenever he decides to start saving the world we will discover them. What we do know is that he can have six cans of beer and three buckets of popcorn without feeling the need to go to the bathroom whatsoever. That counts as a superpower, doesn't it?

True identity - Well, the problem here is that nobody knows his "false identity" because he hasn't started saving the world yet. All he did was put on his mask and sit on the couch. His true identity is in front of your eyes. Some people claim that he is thinking over the best plan to save the world watching over and over movies like "Miss Congeniality" and "War of the worlds".

Weaknesses - He has three enemies. Idleness, sluggishness and laziness. It if wasn't for those three, he would be the best hero ever! But hey! Nobody is perfect!


  1. ah the superhero that represents the "other side" of all of us.
    he's the hero that Gotham deserves, but not the one that in needs right now.. maybe later :)

  2. I think I was channeling Laziman's powers this morning...

  3. Yeah, we all are Laziman in our hearts! haha

  4. I enjoy the fact that you've set up a scenario where your location and character are telling a story. If the villain idea gets picked, you should totally create a evil guy who has the power to make people lazy. He would rule the world!

  5. Manuuuuuu!!!! How u doing buddy? You know I loved the laziman from the start, you can go far with this idea, I see lots of things the laziman will not do in the future :) Keep up the great work Manu!