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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Worst Hero Ever - Swordface

Name: Swordface!

Superpower: Cutting things.  With his face.

Weaknesses: Hats, doorways that aren’t very high.

In his spare time Swordface likes to chop up vegetables and sharpen and polish his face.  When not cutting bad guys down to size (pun intended), he wears a pair of magnetic clip-on sunglasses to conceal his identity.


  1. Haha, very nice--I love the little shine at the tip of the sword, nice touch.

  2. ROFL thats excellent! Very well drawn too!

  3. LOL, this is great Erica, love the proportions of the body and his musculature. One question though, can he see without eyes? XD

  4. Hahaha, I guess that having a sword for a face would make it a little hard to see... I suppose he could have a 'swordy sense' like a spidy sense, so that he doesn't just walk into everything. Although that could contibute to the worst hero idea.
    I also kind of imagined that when he 'talked' the sword would glow/light up in time with his voice.

  5. Hack and Slash, with ma FACE!! Great idea Erica.

  6. I like this drawing a lot. Except, he doesn't seem like that bad a hero actually. He seems pretty bad ass actually. Although, yeah, the secret identity thing might not work too well.