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Monday, September 20, 2010

Worst Hero

i know it was supposed to be a sketch only (i think) but i had to color it to hide my deficiencies at drawing. :(

Character Name - El Hombre
Super Powers - He can grow a full sized handlebar mustache and chest hair in a single day. He also has the unique ability to identify if a person is actually a unibrow or not (even it the unibrow has been removed).

True identity - when El Hombre isn't out identifying unibrows and growing mustaches, he works as a hairdresser in a barbershop that specializes in mullets. He also doesn't know a single word of Spanish, there are rumors that he actually has issues in pronouncing the word "Spanish".

Weaknesses - Alcohol, Sunscreen, food that isn't organically grown and people who don't have mullets.


  1. There is no limit! Drawing, ink, color to your heart's content!

    Wow, I'm loving the planning that wet into this guy! Very dynamic in your composition, he looks ready to pounce on those "uniborn". Would another weakness be food caught in his 'stache?

    Feedback> You have a good pose going there, I'd just think about his foot placement a little. Otherwise the color choice for the floating decorative moustaches has me a little perplexed with the dominating purple/black scheme you have goin here. :)

  2. unibrow!! not uniborn :P, like people who have one eyebrow heh.

    didn't really put any thought into the colors of the 'taches to be honest :), i was originally planning on a superhero called
    "The Differentiator" whose superpower is that knows the difference between pink and magenta.

    agree about the pose though, i was in a hurry to get this out so i didn't really work on his shape much. i still don't feel as comfortable drawing on a tablet as i do using a paper and pencil. most of my digital drawings come out like the stuff i used to draw when i was in the 4th grade heh

    i'll put a little 'moar' effort into the next one!

  3. I like it! He looks as if he had just got out of a videogame kind of Street Fighter! And the description is very good, you could create a very good character with it!
    Regards from Spain! :P

  4. Haha I'm sorry, "uniborn" was a poor pun :)

  5. you know, i think you've invented a new word there, this could be big!!! :)

  6. hahaha, this is great! I am very amused by his purple shorts. I thought he was a man version of cat woman at 1st, but I love his superpower XD. Also I like the background with all the mustaches. Great work!